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Pelican Waters Veterans Golf Club 2021 Xmas Party

Monday December 13

Pelican Waters Resort


Not exactly how I had planned my day at Gympie Golf Club

January 18 2022

Pelican Waters Veterans Golf Club

Bright and early Tuesday morning 28 golfers packed their bags into the bus and off we went to Gympie Golf Club an hour and a half from Pelican Waters (Caloundra)

Lots of chatter and friendly banter going on, each of us looking forward to playing Gympie GC when not 20 minutes from our destination someone from the back of the bus yells "SMOKE" then again "SMOKE" then "SMOKE, STOP THE BUS" I turn around to see lots of smoke entering the rear of the bus.

Now! All are us are over 55 years of age, some a lot older than 55 ;) Well I tell you we all moved like 30 year olds.

Safely off the bus most of us grabbed our phones out and started videoing what was happening. No one in their right mind thinking what will eventually will be the end result. As you will see from the videos I've uploaded below in the space of 30 minutes there was nothing but a bus skeleton left.

A huge thank you to The Sports Bar at Pelican Waters Resort for opening early for us. As we walked in the bar manager was pouring Scotch Whisky for anyone who wished to partake. Then plates of nibbles came out which was fantastic. Lots of stories of 'what was in my bag' and lots of laughter, handshakes and cuddles

Chanel Seven and Nine showed up. Each wanting to 'steal' our videos. I can tell you what, there was no shortage of volunteers offering their footage LOL :)

A rough estimate is there was $150,000 worth of golf clubs go up in flames. Myself... i estimated roughly $6000. I had just got a brand new golf bag 4 days earlier. I proudly cleaned my clubs and organised everything in the new bag. New golf balls, new tees, a place for everything. I had chose wisely. Sadly it never got to see a golf course :(

Time stamp 8.02 am

Time stamp 8.06am

Time stamp 8.12am

Time stamp 8.14am

Time stamp 8.27am

Time stamp 8.47am Fire Brigade finally arrive and have everything under control

What's left of the bus


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